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About us

Chulmleigh Primary School, for ages 2-11 years, is situated in the small rural town of Chulmleigh, midway between Barnstaple and Exeter, and not only serves the local town and the neighbouring village of Chawleigh, but is also the school of choice for families from a wider area.

Our site is next to Chulmleigh College, where we access many of the facilities including: science labs, drama studio, design technology department and others. Our pupils also experience teaching from our secondary colleagues, specialists in their field. Our Year 6 secondary transition is extremely successful; pupils are very confident to make the move into secondary education because of this strong working link.

We are one of the larger schools in the area, but we have a strong family ethos, which is inclusive to all.  Our children behave exceptionally well, and we are proud of them, not only because of enthusiasm and engagement with their learning, but also because they are responsible, caring and confident individuals. As a school we nurture each student’s talents and provide individual support where it is needed. We know our children well, and we are committed to ensuring that every child reaches their potential by developing their individual strengths.

Martin Evely
Head of School

We know that children achieve well when they are excited by their lessons, and we endeavour to make every lesson engaging and relevant, as well as finely tuned to each child’s needs. Happy children learn, and children who succeed at every turn develop a keen sense of self-worth and glow with confidence.

It is important to us that children participate fully in the life of the school, and we encourage them to take on roles of responsibility such as Playleaders, School Council committee members, Librarians etc. We are very proud of the fact that our children are confident to form their own clubs and tournaments as well as fundraising events, and we enjoy supporting them with these.  We feel that children are well-placed for their move to secondary education if they are confident youngsters who have already had a taste of leadership.

Ours is very much a community school: our doors are always open to parents. We recognise that teachers and parents are truly partners in the children’s education. Some children are with us from their first day at nursery, aged 2, until they leave us aged 11, so we get to know them and their families really well. We also offer before and after school provision for working parents. Other children join us later, often coming to school on the bus from out of area, but all children are welcomed to our extended Chulmleigh family, by staff and pupils alike.

We work closely with the other Academy primaries, Lapford and East Worlington, as well as the College across the road. Because of this, we are able to share the high levels of staff expertise to the advantage of the students in our care. We are extremely proud that the children who attend our school understand the importance of a positive approach to their learning, are well-supported to reach their academic and emotional potential and develop excellent relationships with their peers and staff.  They start their secondary school career as kind, respectful, confident and hard-working students who are keen to succeed and show the world what they are made of.

We hope you enjoy looking at the website, and that you find out all you want to know. Please do phone us or email if you want to know more, or if you would like to arrange a visit.