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    Ski Trip - Andorra 2015

    The journey.

    I'll be honest.  26 hours on a coach is not an easy thing to do.  Throw in 62 teenagers and 12ft seas, the whole thing has a somewhat more difficult vibe.  But none the less, all the kids were well behaved and the journey slid by as easily as could be expected.  To be honest, the invention of the iPad might have had something to do with that.

    For many, this was the first time that mountains and snow had been seen in anything other than the film Frozen.  There was genuine excitement when we began the long slow climb from Toulouse and up into the Pyrenees.

    Day one.

    It always amazes me just how difficult it is to carry ski gear.  God only gave us two hands and when you put two skis, two poles, two boots, helmets, gloves and goggles into the equation I then realise that God doesn't Ski.  

    We managed to get up the mountain for the 9am start, even with the two hours time difference (including the clock change).  Funny isn't it that that when a day riding snow is involved, teenagers are somewhat easier to get out of bed!

    Ski school started abrutply in the rain... and before long all the students were 'bending zeee kneees' and performing perfect snow ploughs.  It is a truly amazing site to watch anyone grow from a nervous, scared non skier into a confident and happy prospective olympian within a single day.  It's even better when only a few weeks previoously you have been trying to get them to perfect a new bit of computer code or understand subduction zones.

    One of the best moments of the trip so far was the sheer amount of concentration that Lauren Cheetham managed to achieve when perfecting her stopping technique (see below).


    Day two

    Day two saw sunshine.  Sunshine, sunshine and more sunshine and the perfect conditions enabled all the students to progress far more than they could ever have imagined.  The turns were perfected and the chair lifts were conquered and the teachers were genuinely proud of the effort all the students put in.

    The 'Thurgood 360' is truly a sight to behold and now we hope he manages to learn how to stop turning!  

    It is amazing to watch everyone beat personal targets and set new higher goals the previously seemed unsurmountable. Well done to all and it's going to be great to see the progression continue.

    Students listen

    Studetns put it into practice


    A snowball in the face as I take the photo!  Thanks.

    A little rest perhaps?

    Speed demon George

    Look how close these friends are.  Ahhhhhh...

    The magic carpet

    Holding an edge


    Moments before Callum was looking like a pro.

    A chill out between runs

    Previous News

    Andorra Arinsal 2015 (Sat 28th Mar to  Sun 5th Apr)

    This is the final confirmed itinerary from Halsbury:

    OUT:  Sat 28th March
    1500hrs  Leaving Chulmleigh Commmunity College
    2205hrs  Dover to Calais P&O ferries
    Sun 29th March
    1700hrs  Arrive Hotel Solana Arinsal

    RETURN: Sat 4th April
    1600hrs  Depart Hotel Solana Arinsal
    Sun 5th April
    0840hrs  Calais to Dover P&O ferries
    1600hrs  Return to Chulmleigh Community College
    (all these times are subject to change, update will be provided when available)


    The immense task of organising a coach load of teenagers on a ski trip is well underway!  

    Students are getting excited, teachers are busy organising and planning, the whole things is slowly coming together.

    If you want to check the conditions then view the Andorra Arinsal snow report.  It has started snowing already and there is a good base ready for the opening day this weekend (as of December 9th).

    Use the links below to download key information about the trip.  We'll keep you posted with updates.


    Important Information

    Please review this checklist

    Please check your passport is in date for your entire trip.  Travel will not be allowed without this.

    Any students with ski gear from previous years that they no longer need could sell their to another student.

    If you let us know we can help match people up.

    Also, if you need to sell any ski gear then let us know as we may be able to put you in touch with someone.




    Ski letters (click to download) and useful links

    Kit list letter

    Old Chulmleigh Ski Blog (the daily blog from our previous trip).