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This little piggy came to Chulmleigh!

Four new arrivals at the farm

On Tuesday 24th November we took delivery of 4 Berkshire piglets from Bicton College.  This is our first experience of this rare breed which Bicton are trying to increase.  Having raised Gloucester Old Spots in the past, it is interesting to note the differences, not only in colour but a lot more hair!

The year 10 ELBS group introduced them to their new homes and weighed them - they are still a little shy and uncertain of their new surroundings.  We will be keeping 2 outside and 2 inside, but feeding them exactly the same amounts. This will provide data for one of the major pieces of coursework for the ELBS GCSE.  Each week the students will weigh them and check their health and we will also record the weather conditions for that week.  We aim to give them a happy and healthy life and next year we will have some of this highly rated bacon and pork available for sale!

Some interesting facts about the Berkshire breed:-

  • A pig mentioned by Oliver Cromwell when his troops were stationed in Reading, renowned for its size and the quality of its bacon.
  • A pig which used to come in a variety of colours.
  • A pig which was interbred with Asian pigs to improve it.
  • A pig which was kept by Queen Victoria (or probably she had someone to keep them for her).
  • A pig whose numbers declined rapidly in the 20th century until almost extinct.
  • A pig which now comes only in black.
  • A pig which produces bacon highly valued in Japan for its taste.