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Week Ending 12th September 2014

Monday Morning - Meeting Mike and Adrian

Wednesday Morning - Chulmleigh Community College Directors' Support and Monitoring Group meeting - Meeting Neil Payne

Wednesday Afternoon - Meeting about Building Improvement Plans

Monday Morning - Meeting Mike. The agenda included:

  • Start of year - Pupil numbers at each school
  • Start of year - Staffing
  • Year 6 - East Worlington; Lapford; Chulmleigh; Burrington
  • East Worlington Primary School - Building Update
  • Strategic Priority - Closing the Gap 

Monday Morning - Meeting Mike and Adrian

  • Board of Directors Items, including Agenda for BoD Meeting; New Director; Director Links with Schools; Timetable of Meetings; Meeting Protocols.

Wednesday Morning - First meeting of the newly formed CCC Directors Support and Monitoring Group, established in response to the schools self-evaluation and the GCSE results. This enables Directors to have closer monitoring and scrutiny in ensuring our improvement plans have the desired impact on results. In attendance:  Steve Baber, Gary Barlow and Tim Newman (Directors) and Mike Johnson, Jon Pratt and Neil Payne (SLT). This group will meet every two weeks. The first agenda item was scrutiny of GCSE results. The Group considered it important to recognise the real achievements this year and the hard work of students and staff and at the same time understand better the issues influencing areas for improvement.

Wednesday Morning - Meeting Neil Payne to learn more about the Professional Development Programme for school leaders known as PiXEL. Neil is leading the implemnatation of this programme as one element of his leadership of Continuing Professional Development.

Wednesday Afternoon - Meeting about the Building Programme Plans with Mike Johnson, Terry Pullen and Tim Capps (Architect). The meeting focussed on the vision for learning and the design of buildings within the Trust. This meeting focussed on Chulmleigh Community College, Chulmleigh Primary School and Lapford Primary School.