Chulmleigh Academy Trust

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Week Ending 16th May 2014

Monday - First Committee Meeting - Meeting Adrian - Meeting Mike - Strategic Plan Work

Tuesday - East Worlington Primary School - Burrington Primary School

Thursday and Friday - Two day interview at Chulmleigh Community College

Monday morning

A First Committee Meeting with other Directors (Gary Barlow and Paul Osborne). Paul joined the meeting through Skype and demonstrated the effective use of technology in supporting Directors in their work.

Weekly meeting with Adrian. Our agenda included:

  • Strategic Plan
  • Director on-line access to Director School Visits Folder - Structure and Forms
  • Implementation plans for on-line Directors Calendar
  • Induction for New Director
  • Arranging Director Support and Monitoring meeting for Chulmleigh Community College
Weekly meeting with Mike. Our agenda included:
  • Preparation for interviews for Assistant Headteacher at Chulmleigh Community College
  • Learning vision and accommodation developments at Chulmleigh Community College
  • Actions from Directors' Business Development Group
  • ICT Update
  • Priorities for the Trust
  • New Leadership Team Member Induction Plan
  • Preparation for meeting with Jon Pratt and Tracy Dodd in June for an all schools Chair's Update.
Meeting Angela Joslin about East Worlington Primary School pupil data on entry compared to KS1 outcomes. This was a follow-up discussion with Angela as an action from last week's Directors' Support and Monitoring meeting focussed on East Worlington Primary School. This meeting provided greater information about what pupils can do when they enter the school in Reception and how they make progress through the Key Stage.
Monday afternoon
Work on the Trust's Strategic Plan layout and presentation.

In January we opened a consultation about the Strategic Plan for Chulmleigh Academy Trust. Those that contributed to the consultation provided invaluable feedback that helped shape the plan and the strategic direction of the Trust. The Board of Directors considered Strategic Plan at the Board meeting on 28th January and agreed the plan required more work. The Board meeting on 4th March provided an opportunity for Directors to provide their input into the final draft of strategic plan. There was a high level of agreement about the strategic direction of the Trust and the main consideration was how best to present the content in a succinct, focused and easily accessible way. This work is currently under way with a view to having the Strategic Plan on the agenda of the next Board meeting for decision by the Board.

Tuesday morning

Director's visit to East Worlington Primary School as part of the Directors' Support and Monitoring Programme. The focus for the visit was the learning environment. The visit included the pre-school, Acorn Class and Oak Class. Tamsin Partridge (Senior Teacher) provided an explanation on how the wall displays and presentations were used as a learning resource at the school and how pupils developed independent learning by accessing, in the classrooms, the resources they needed to support their learning

Tuesday afternoon

Director's visit to Burrington Primary School as part of the Directors' Support and Monitoring Programme. The focus of the visit was the Christian Distinctiveness of the school. The meeting was with Linda Lindley (Deputy Executive Headteacher (Primary)) and Lully Newman (Senior Teacher) and they provided an insight into how the school reflected its Christian Distinctiveness as a church school. We considered the ethos, the curriculum, teaching and learning and the school environment. We discussed the Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS) framework and compared the current school practice and arrangements with the criteria.

Thursday and Friday

A two day interview for the post of Assistant Headteacher at Chulmleigh Community College. The full interview process included the senior leadership team, staff, parents, pupils and Directors. Tim Newman was the second Director on the panel. The final panel consisted of the Senior Leadership Team and the two Directors. There was a strong field and eight applicants were shortlisted for interview. Following a rigorous interview process the interviewees were narrowed down to the two strongest candidates for the final interview. A good appointment was made.