Chulmleigh Academy Trust

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What Does Our Multi-Academy Trust Stand For?

Some key messages about Chulmleigh Academy Trust

As Chair I have to be very clear about supporting and communicating the vision and values of Chulmleigh Academy Trust the features of our Trust that define our character and individuality. Here are some key messages which describe Chulmleigh Academy Trust as an ambitious Multi-Academy Trust.

  • We are totally focused on the quality of learning of all our pupils
  • We stand for sustainable education within our communities in our diverse rural area
  • We believe strongly in education from 2 (ambitions for 0) to 16 with continuity and progression in learning and achievement
  • We know that education affects the life chances of all children and we aim for the highest standards in all aspects of education, academic, behaviour, personal, social and moral.
  • Our Trust is underpinned by a strong set of personal and organisational values and we are very explicit about these.
  • We consider our current Chulmleigh Academy Trust schools to be a 'family' of school, each with their own identify and personality, while being supported within a broader 'family', sharing expertise, providing capacity beyond that any individual school could offer itself, challenging for improvement and helping teachers to focus on teaching and learning.
  • We believe in collaboration to achieve good quality education and school improvement across our schools and wish to avoid competition